The lessons of history with Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Maybe we have forgotten what a classic RPG from the first person? Used to easy and comfortable life? It’s time to change that. To sharpen a sword, wear in three layers, he must jump head first into the goo. Believe it or not, there it is possible to get hold of real gold.

For many years, the Czech Studio Warhorse Studios was preparing us for a special event. The exhibitions promised a simulation of medieval Europe through the eyes of ordinary soldiers. Without compromise. Without proper ambitions of the publisher. The community supported the project with money.

Led development stood Daniel Vavra, the writer and game designer Mafia. His team was caught up in ideas and enjoyed the freedom of creativity. In advance it was clear that grinding money is not enough. If only the game came out, not a Museum of the brilliant, non-working solutions.

Chased all at once, as in the romantic dreams of the beginning of the Millennium. Wanted and truthfully depict the historical period and put the player in the shoes of a hero. Until the need to wash and most likely the map scale.

The status of “indie” game is soon lost, being warmed by the publisher. The company Deep Silver are well settled. Picks up large indie with a big fanbase. They have now turn edition of Shenmue III and the Ukrainian Metro Exodus.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance made it to release on 13 February 2018. Before unaccustomed to such an audience appeared very strange mix of both progressive and outdated. However, the event is loud. Opinions, especially from players, dramatically diverged.

We find ourselves in the Kingdom of Bohemia of the fourteenth century, in the North-West of the Holy Roman Empire. Nowadays it is the territory of the Czech Republic. After the death of the beloved of Emperor Charles IV the reign of his son václav was accompanied by confusion, corruption and war. King Sigismund of Hungary felt that his father knowingly gave Bohemia the weak-willed brother, and sent troops to the conquest of its Northern neighbor.

The writers try to follow the historical outline of the events. People talk about what is happening so that you will know all the problems in the families of rulers.

The protagonist is not a knight with a great purpose. The son of a blacksmith named Henry. The name is so unusual that in the English version was replaced by Henry. He walks into the tavern, running errands, but want to try your luck at least in the neighboring cities, and don’t get caught up in a peasant village life Skalica.

Unfortunately, time was not peaceful. The day when sword for Lord Radzia was finished, the evening’s scheduled dance in the square, the horizon obscured the mercenaries of the very Sigismund. A small army burns the settlement together with the quiet life runaway Indro. After this remains only an arrow in my leg and the desire to avenge the death of their parents.

Usually the writers and burn the bridges before the big adventure in the open world. But this level of work on the plot do not wait. Here, a well-written dialogues, very long, detailed cutscenes.

The feeling good TV series, not regretting the time on building the exposition and characters. Very thorough approach to the setting of each scene. Remember that we are talking about the sandbox in the open world. In this sense, even the Witcher behind.

Graphics are not advanced, but impressive landscapes and expressive characters. Some places were transferred reliably. In most cases, cities and landscapes redesigned for the benefit of convenience.

But the people’s morals, lifestyle, environment, Europe 1403 was transferred perfectly. With all responsibility before history. You can see how people lived, and it yourself to live, considering carefully the simulation of physiological needs and the environment.

On the Internet, many criticized the game for his liberal treatment of history. Meticulous examination will certainly reveal a number of inconsistencies. But you just walk the streets in the Rataj, talk to the residents! The best immersion in the era that you can imagine! Daniel Vavra on Twitter reported that its development will be taught the history of the Czech Republic Brno University of technology.

The most simple characteristic of Kingdom Come, which comes to mind — “Oblivion” with the plot. Although there are no fantasy elements and snooping caves, a common theme of complete freedom, great opportunities, first-person, in the end, very reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls.

Nothing new: a big map with main and side quests, and a lot of walk you are interested in horizons. Only to the quests more detailed approach than in the aforementioned series. Will need to communicate a lot, get some handy tools, choose the method of execution.

To perform various operations, from capture of the birds in the forest to settle legal disputes between citizens, in many ways. Decisions have consequences, almost always there is a possibility of power, stasavage or diplomatic solution to the problem. Massive dialog system with surround “book” conversations.

Wash before negotiations, sew clothes, keep in the coin pocket, suddenly, a bribe need. You will be assigned a certain reputation in the regions. Can seduce a waitress or intimidate with false authority, being in an expensive gambeson. So serious planning.

Millers — something like the thieves Guild in a virtual the Czech Republic. The one that saves him, and ask him to remove the ring from the dead man, then steal the stolen from the house of the executioner. I’m 5 minutes looking for the shovel in the estate of the tenant, and later was caught by the owner when a break-in. It turned out, the executioner to keep the axe in the hands of able.

Things can go wrong because of your own improvisation. And quick save is not, as margin for error. The gameplay is very tough, not playing himself and exposes the needles, even without reason.

The protagonist is the need for food and sleep. Spoiled food, clothing wears out. To sharpen the sword, you need to sit down at the machine, choose the angle, to monitor the accuracy. Night is really dangerous and dark. A horse is a luxury, a mark of distinction, not a means of transportation.

For processes such as fishing, crafting, cooking, burglary, made a mini-game. Of course, you can sit down at a table to the cunning behind the wooden plank and play a Board game. I was stuck for a long time for dice rolls in Silver Skalica.

Kingdom Come will not stand on ceremony. And it concerns not only the approach to the survival of your character but also such things as awkward interface, poor optimization. Traces of the great ambitions, in fact, indie development and complex simulation of the world.

If you are interested in the combat system is spectacular videos, it is a reflection of all that is in the game. Gives new emotions, but it is necessary to get used, scratch and swear. The enemy comes star, representing 6 areas of attack and defense. Variants of the three attacks, but key role is played by the direction of movement of the arms. It is necessary to guess, to confuse, to harass the enemy.

We must not forget about breathing, endurance, and vigilantly monitor the position of the sword in the hands of the enemy. Beats fast, you must hit them in the right direction and to conduct a strong counterattack after a parry.

The chamber and the inertia of the movement is set so that the player felt the severity and intensity of contractions. For modeling techniques to the invited fencers were attached on the head camera. In the end, the combat system certainly seems impressive but will cause trouble.

There is a new role-playing hit one critical flaw that cannot be forgiven. Your time is not put in a penny. For the sake of realism, to the atmosphere — you can’t do that!

Let’s start with the fact that quick transitions are not fast. It is necessary to wait until the figurine will March on the map. Well drawn, I must say. Random encounter in such a transition is a great way to raise money. And waiting until Indro sleep itself will catch up the sleep.

Technical blemish, but a very serious — download at the beginning of each dialogue. You come to ask something from a random passer-by with one speech if you please to watch 5 seconds on a black screen. Considering the frequency of conversations, the emphasis on the social component, get continuous irritation. Even on powerful computers!

Have somewhere urgent to go? Tired of playing? Kingdom Come wanted to spit on your problems. Can only be saved autospa all night or drinking expensive life-saving schnapps. At critical stages of the quests too keep. If even to anticipate them. Fans are instantly riveted to the mod to save anywhere.

It’s really diverse, deep game with many aspects and small imagineasia situations that are worth exploring. I would say that it is not suitable for everyone. Cheerful prologue — Yes, but after the hassle of the rising adventurers will find itself a few fans.

The review came out dry and the surface it is because you either live in this world a fascinating life, or you’re not an enthusiast, like me, will not feel all the depth and romance hunger marches in torn rags at the flower field beautiful Czech lands.

As to the Henry, you will have to dig in the dirt to find something decent. Ambiguous, but worthy of respect project. Developers embody their vision, and their ideas are amazing-naive-beautiful.

The positive side is not released from liability for a crime against free time and a comfortable, smooth gameplay. Which leads to lower final grades up to 7 conventional points of 10. History lessons have never been this much fun!

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