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Gran Turismo 5 Review

It’s almost surreal to believe that Gran Turismo 5 is finally here. After years of waiting, expectations have gone through the roof, leaving overly critical fans disappointed and fanboys drooling at their piece of perfection. Only after the initial impressions are surpassed can you see Gran Turismo 5 for what it really is: a fantastic […]

Splatterhouse Review

The answer is always blood. That’s the premise behind Splatterhouse, everything revolves around copious amounts of blood and gore. A remake of the cult-classic 1988 arcade game of the same name – which can be unlocked – Splatterhouse will appeal to the same audience that loved the original games, even though they were never fantastic. […]

The lessons of history with Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Maybe we have forgotten what a classic RPG from the first person? Used to easy and comfortable life? It’s time to change that. To sharpen a sword, wear in three layers, he must jump head first into the goo. Believe it or not, there it is possible to get hold of real gold. For many […]

Nioh is hard

Controversial opinions about Nioh enough. The game adds oil, balancing between extremes. So I have an interesting article. Let’s just throw urgent advice. Don’t play Nioh! Throw if started! I will tell you later why. Nioh is positioned as a hardcore Japanese RPG in the Western style. Though it is not a clone of Dark […]

Forgotten Anne – don’t forget good quests

Forgotton Anne is not trying to throw any games challenge. She wants to guide the player through their story, using simple gameplay techniques. If you want to listen to a story and jump on the roof — be sure to check out here. On one of the video game exhibitions 2016 Studio ThroughLine Games with […]