Nioh is hard

Controversial opinions about Nioh enough. The game adds oil, balancing between extremes. So I have an interesting article. Let’s just throw urgent advice. Don’t play Nioh! Throw if started! I will tell you later why.

Nioh is positioned as a hardcore Japanese RPG in the Western style. Though it is not a clone of Dark Souls, then its enough, but attempt to continue this subgenre, reiterating the principles of a successful competitor.

In search of a genre, “Souls-like”

Comparison with series From Software appropriate here and will inevitably emerge. Yet she instituted standards act. No matter what gamification scenario Akira Kurosawa declared itself at E3 2005. Since then, the project gave the authors of the Ninja Gaiden Studio Team Ninja, who have their vision of gameplay.

Not the soul, and Amrita!

We move to locations with a third person, a lot of research and a lot of fighting. Deliberately sneaky places and ordinary monsters, consuming half HP, make often to die. With Dark Souls have in common and the atmosphere, and the collection of “souls”, even some animation. But something is wrong. There are still 2 Association.

The combat system is based on the reactions and combinations. It is fast and sharp, as expected of the Japanese martial arts. Undoubtedly, it’s a bit of slasher Ninja Gaiden.

A man unprepared can surprise 6 things dropped on the ground from the defeated robbers. In Louth you can swim. It is divided into color values. It clearly came from Diablo, World of Warcraft. Not that a successful innovation, but more on that later.

Of these component parts is formed Nioh. The main principle of the subgenre, which naturally was before, but popularized it, Dark Souls is the accumulation of actual experience with the game mechanics. DS all were based on it, we decided to go ahead. Let’s see how well.

Who’s not console gamers?

Mouse support is not in principle. Only need the gamepad. What? Good question, when I connected my buttons were messed up. In the game notation X-box controller, although on this console release never happened.

After the Japanese ports of Tales of Berseria, Vanquish, the same Dark Souls 2 a regression? I played them with the mouse, it was very comfortable. As compensation helmet with a valve on his forehead to Steam. Publisher Koei Tecmo is not ashamed?

Management is not very responsive. But in the genre the best is not yet invented. But the scheme should change to the classic, with a blow on the right trigger. The default is the other tried to invent a Bicycle.

By the way, now, in the era of transition of consoles, Nioh got into a series of games where you have to choose between high resolution and 60 FPS. The computer allows you to play 4k at full speed. But if you have configuration 2014 as I have, that will pull the minimum salary in 900p.

I would call optimization was bearable, but sometimes slows down menu and download the last tedious and long. In addition, there are parts of the locations where FPS severely sags. And will not do anything, because we’re already at the minimum salary.

Samurai vs demons

Noteworthy is the fate of William Adams, the English Navigator, who became an adviser to shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu under a new name Miura Anjin, implored to become the basis of various works. You may remember this story for the television series “Shogun” in 1980. Now this is the plot of the game Nioh.

William arrives in Japan during the warring States, when war was the main destiny of many fragmented clans. It takes his Tokugawa Ieyasu, one of the competitors for power in the country.

Anjin starts to perform various tasks actually existing individuals to get their support, indirectly participating in the Association of the provinces. It is not clear, I want him, if he forced himself hero is absolutely not spelled out. Scenes that reveal his character, no. Seriously.

The events of the wars of the Sengoku — background for mystical adventure. Alchemist Kelly stole from the white-haired sailor of his guardian spirit the Saoirse. He followed the thief across the ocean to the uncharted Eastern lands. Lands, where abundance of valuable magic stones of Amrita and wandering hordes of demons and youkai.

Edward Kelly — too real Englishman, which said about her magical ability “to sharpen an angel in a crystal ball”. On paper, the writers may have worked on the material, but it didn’t help.

Have Dark Souls and Nioh are equally schematic, unnecessary, served in the form of entourage, not storyline. But if in the first case, it is well understood and not tried in the second, there are production videos, character arcs, conflicts, MacGuffin. And all this tengu sucks his paw.

The videos show only military talks, the rest is in text form. The plot is impossible to follow, there are only facts of the events in which we are involved. The connecting links between them.

Here is the beginning, where the video of William nailed on the boat to the shore of an unknown island. Out of the darkness comes the General of the Hattori Hanzo sword and asked him to help with the destruction of monsters. Player’s throw on the map, where in the description of the mission of another master with higher rank asks you to find his son. Next is mission. I haven’t missed anything! Understand now the level of the local narrative?

The gameplay with the plot are not connected. It’s two parallel universes. How it would be more useful is the tenth palocci to make some kind of a mansion where you can talk with their friends, to see how the forge works, Tome, to challenge the samurai in the garden.

The plot generally focuses on the wrong thing. Instead of showing how William gets its Japanese name, which is very interesting and affects the perception of the character, they briefly mention it in the description to the mission! But it proves that unfamiliar military leaders, the dialogue of which is loaded with alien names, titles and reduced to a single thesis.

It would be better no commercials, only descriptions. It would be played at the atmosphere as you know where. And so the continuous bewilderment from the fifth wheel in the wagon Nioh.

Japanese beauty in the dark

Entourage Japan attracts. Paper doors, wooden houses, their culture and communication with each other. Good Japanese speech left. You can get acquainted with the famous generals, military tradition. Everything that is not connected with supernatural phenomena is reflected right.

Graphics, everything is very bad. In technical terms this is the level of the PlayStation 3. “Dirty” textures, enemies, merging with the environment. Effect of a very long development cycle. It seems, on any settings Dark Souls 2 looked better.

The technical component had to pull artistic, but no. Let the designs of the characters and bosses are good enough, killing what we’re dealing with dozens of hours of locations.

Temples, temples and caves. Mostly at night, in the rain, with the same walls. If it has not been encouraging, imagine that the authors chose not to pore over quantity, and additional missions are the same maps in other weather conditions. Now encouraged?

Sloppy graphics bothers to read the ability of enemies to react to obstacles in the arena of battle. Even the camera sometimes blurs the entire screen foreground objects, but this is not so important.

If we talk about gameplay, talk a lot. After experiencing the madness I can handle anything. But you can be difficult to navigate in the following explanation. To avoid this from happening, here is the schedule for the sub-items.

The combat system

The whole gameplay is built on the battle system. Training, endurance, speed, sharp movements — it referred to the characteristics of traditional Japanese art of swordsmanship kenjutsu.

The developers have even overdone it. In the Arsenal of so many opportunities that will never be useful to all. The development of beyond the basics is accompanied by great difficulties. Practice and training will be the first support.

To fight is always dangerous. The enemies several times more health than your swordsman. Any mistake unforgivable. Even theoretical training matters. If you do not think about proper pumping characteristics and equipment, can be highly weight and so hard wearing.

If we talk about difficulty in General, you have found a strong monolith, made by real Japanese standards. So that you understand what to compare, I wrote in the review that the recent Cuphead got your “try it pass” unjustly.

The combat system is good enough to pull on itself a lot. Of enemies out of numbers, linking to the role-playing system is higher than you might think. But always rely on your skills. Over time, the game itself does not pass, as is usually the case in “complex” games. Only skill will win.


Arsenal of weapons is clearly divided into 7 types. On some skating light a wedge has not converged. It is worth every effort to make kusarigama, spears, tonfa. Each weapon greatly changes tactics.

Beats the savory, I want to apply them again and again. Managed a very important property, which is not expressed in numbers balance and transfer characteristics. The weapon feels has impact, they want to wield as powerful slasher.

Combinations and special attacks for each weapon type study in a separate menu. If you break your brain and fingers can do incredible somersaults. For example, if you grab the axe from behind at the right moment in the middle of a combination, it is possible to spend an extra devastating attack.

Extension of the hand of a warrior endowed with its own level and set of parameters. Choose a suitable to your style, needs at the moment. Later enemies will become to effectively block, and the value of the parameter “gap” will increase.

Will meet blades with natural effects and unique items like electric katana, Raikiri received from Tachibana Hintie.

Ranged weapons, including guns and arquebus brought from the West, are used for easy Stripping of the location. For example, funny with one well-aimed shot of the sniper in the tower or to kill puny enemy in a pack of three, having a slight advantage. Yes, and hitting the rest of the explosion.


It would seem that the strong and the weak shock is usually enough. But Team Ninja has come up with yet and a system of three racks, three times increases the variability of attacks.

Yes, there are standard rules: top strut force, lower for the deviations. But an important role is played by different the duration and direction of impact. Stand with weapons in sheath used to perform quick attacks.

I rearranged the skills and the options under the middle rack. It’s safer and easier. In the mid game, which is 50 hours, I just had to learn to use the advantages of upper and lower. Then it is useful to open the skills for them.

Learn not is very like, but the 50th hour, you need to master, can not escape. On the one hand it’s good that the combat system is disclosed. A considerable achievement. On the other — during this time, other games have time to end. Twice.

The invention itself stands not new, something similar was also. Remember in the first Witcher schools of wolf, cat and Griffin. The opportunity to take the sword in one or two hands also falls under this concept.

For the average player who does not bother to be the techniques “spend a Ki surge when changing stands”, average stand will be the eternal companion. Why limit yourself to movements or to underestimate the damage? For rare cases in search of tactics to the bosses.

Of course, there are situations where the boss does not descend to the lower strut and the need for frequent deviations. Or the boss has a window, perfect for chopping a crushing blow. But unfortunately, the game does not give a clear idea in what situations you need to take a stand.


In Dark Souls the block had been a burden to the game mechanics. I deliberately ignored it. Uncomfortable, make many fights too easy. Though shields samurai are not blocked arms felt as organic remedy. Clearly shows that some skills are better to block from the others to avoid. “Rolls — our all”; the old tenet continues to work.

Here we have to mention the blue scale key. The same stamina spent on sprints, rolls, bumps. If empty, the hero will go inside the mill, which is equivalent to death.

The enemies also have energy Ki, which can also be emptied with a series of shots, opening the opportunity to stab the exhausted victim beautiful, bloody finishing blow. The camera will show it from the best angle.

It’s hard to feel when to take a break, mills taken by surprise. So you just have to keep in mind your limits and pump the blue scale. The wiggle room need.

The combat system would not be dynamic and reactionary, if not a mechanism of replenishing Ki. Flapping his arms in the air scatter blue particles, which can be collected by the time clicking on the left trigger. This concentration is activated and the timely shallows, filling the part of Ki expended.

If you are a fearless machine with the reflexes of a mongoose, it is possible in the moment of meeting your unit’s and a sword of some skeleton-zombie click on the parry.

Dodge and blocks — 2 tool one combat performance, and not different styles of behavior. The surge of Ki helps to contain his enthusiasm. And to close holes in the youkai world, too.

The world of youkai

Types of enemies is quite small, but well developed. Especially mini bosses like Raven and Cyclops. To fight a pack of evil aggressors is never worth it. We need to draw out. Clashes often delayed because the health bar of the impure forces too much.

Enemies a clear distinction: humans and youkai alike. There are even bonuses on the weapon for both types. Among the first are highlighted a skilled swordsman, wizard blocks, and among the second — large monsters with a clear pattern of strong blows. Few of them can resist the roll back.

If Anjin has fallen at the hands of the enemy, all the enemies respawn with the exception of the mini-bosses, hidden to the approach of people black-and-white haze. This haze — breaking in the reality of the world of youkai. Many monsters leave behind a black-and-white puddles, depleting the energy Ki.


The armor and swords look good. It is worth to try to collect the inscribed sets from the complete equipment. The appearance of the character will complement the characteristic details; for 2, 4, 6 items from the set will give combat bonuses. You need to consider the weight of the set, the level and color of each item.

Yes, things have come in a few colors. Remember Diablo. It is optimal to dress in purple. Bonus options more, arms high familiarity increased. Rarity colors and painted options. For example, an extremely rare and highly desired “feeling of the enemy” has “epic colour”.

Defeated mobs and chests found abundantly reward all sorts of objects. Some candles, twigs, powders, bombs, bowls with Kodama and others Need to grasp, and even to remember, what possibilities they give.

Items attached to four sets of keyboard shortcuts to quickly throw a bomb in the right situation and subaffinis before the boss. Buffs, perhaps the most important. Scrolls for some time, you can increase the attack and give the weapon the effect of lightning or other disaster. Very effective.

I had to use only elixirs and the thing that returns in the body of the guardian spirit with all the Amrita. Given that the sanctuaries you can prepare inexhaustible scrolls, consumables just piling up in the warehouse.

Scored inventory

In the inventory there are dozens and dozens of items, most of the stuff. Simply scroll through an endless list and delve into the stats the same Katan takes time. I procrastinated how could a visit to the forge, knowing how much routine going.

When place in a box ran out, I had to sit down for forty minutes with a cute, come to understand, you lose something when you merge, how to reforge, what to disassemble. Not so much to improve, how to get rid of the piles of iron.

These manipulations constantly take some time. But the developers did not let up, extending all the routine to new duties. To address this burden. Due to the amount of manipulation, low impact and mess of the interface.

The first time I see a situation where running around in the same armor a quarter of the game, because they are too lazy to go into inventory. The idea that now we have to spend 5 minutes flipping through and getting a grasp on the characteristics of the armfuls of the same things that causes rejection.


Did I mention that each weapon is pumped separately? Welcome to the section of the interface on a few dozen screens in height. Each icon would be nice to see before opening skills. The classic combination of blows the “weak-weak-strong” does not prevent access in the first place.

For advanced skills you need to take training in the dojo. Sensei will offer a duel with a bamboo weapon when you’re ready for it. As a reward for missions and finding treasure rely the hair of the samurai, which are converted into points for skills.

Titles another section on several screens next to the expanded statistics on all aspects of the current pass, “the memory of Amrita”. In essence, it is a built-in challenge: kill 100 enemies with the shot the bull’s-eye, apply 10 000 damage with water. For obtaining the prestige of the two lines of titles. and Agay, offer a choice to increase one of the four standard parameters.

Lacking of standard methods may engage in the development of ninjutsu and magic. In the sanctuary dedicated Board which prepares special items: shuriken, triple shuriken, scrolls, enchants weapons, areas for throwing a fireball. The limit small, but updated at each sanctuary.

Magic is not a fighting direction, but charging the correct element in an affected enemy will pop up the unrealistically high figure of damage. Ninjutsu has everything you need to rebuff important battle.

Amrita exhibited the cornerstone of the story, and leveling. Those enemies grow in level, so can not keep up. The collection of Amrita on the location and its preservation allows to raise the level and to distribute basic characteristics.

In short, everyone is pumped! Even every taken in hand the murder weapon has a level of familiarity! Even in the store points invested for growth!

Behavior on location

Location built on the same scheme. The first Shrine there is a walkway that you will open, bypassing the area around. This will be the shortcut to the boss. Other schemes do not, in principle, that soon gets annoying.

I don’t know what this is due to a desire to hide flaws in the graphics or nocturnal youkai, but it is absolutely always the action takes place in the dark. Not much to look at, and do not give.

Max out the fun levels will be a sunken temple. Water is death! It is necessary to go on the Board and stare holes in the floor. At night, of course. Besides, most of the locations the corridor.

Guardian spirits

Every great warrior protects a creature from another world. Holds Amrita and gives inner strength. This creature of legend: the Tanuki of Narigama, deer Xing Rock, Fox Izuna, the Phoenix Suzaku, blue dragon.

After the prologue is given three basic satellite. Wolf Kato if you prefer offensive tactics. With it you can pass the entire game. Better, of course, be replaced by a more exotic instance. Most spirits get from well-known personalities in the plot.

Guardian spirit should give you the set of characteristics and defensive bonuses, which is suitable for the chosen style of passing. There are strong protective effects, which is difficult to break the habit: Suzaku saves you once from death, the shark, Isonade see hiding enemies.

The more strong spirits to get to you in a collection, the more bonuses newcomers will be inactive. To release the full power of the animal-Explorer, you need to pump the “spirit” in the specifications.

When you take enough lives and recharge with Amrita at the right moment, the arms will envelop one of the elements. It will absorb the damage and hack without getting tired, going off into another world enemies. Living weapon — the main purpose of the guardian spirit, the decisive argument for complex situations.

Map Of Japan

Instead of an open world, we have a map of the regions of Japan, where the posted scrolls with the current open jobs. From the map, it’s time to deal with peaceful matters, the main of which — a visit to the forge.

All of Japan we travel, which is strange. Just a few of the Central provinces… and there is the task “Phenomenon of the demon king”. Clearly, the final. A very unexpected ending. Why do all the country map?

In the forge work of master Muramasa and his granddaughter, Toma. They charge for the services of a fabulous money. If you do business more often and talking for the life, then the discount will, but by that time the blacksmith’s utensils will fit from gold to piss.

In addition, bags production get materials for forging. Forge, will all previously found random quality with random parameters. Yes, the game of roulette. Push and hope for a good item.

Dismantling and selling the rubbish, accumulated materials and money. Greedy family will offer rarities from the floor, a new haircut, the substitution of the garments and weapons. Do not get fooled really valuable service they have one — reforging.

Any item you can remove the unwanted options and put need. Again random, again roulette. But to achieve a good result is easy. Surely the damage to ghosts not as important as cost reduction key in pillar.

Side job

As it happens. On the map there is a gray scroll. Are usually several. Girl Okatsu asks to check the cemetery where the children disappeared. What are these children? While Jogging you strip normal map, which passed just an hour ago.

After the girl reluctantly say that a few enemies in one of the houses were the ones most turned children. Of course, all served in text form, no rollers.

Twilight of the mission and did an exact tracing with the usual eating away the eye a purple mist. It is clear that red, scene, scrolls on the map for at least some of the pumping is not enough. Feel? It’s the same old disregard for the player!


This article is written based on the Nioh edition: Complete Edition. Three additions, which are included in the kit include not only the expansion of the plot. Together with the Dragon of the North on the PS4 came out a patch with such an important addition, as the weapon of odati, the best in the game. As well as PvP modes.

In the original Nioh was not PvP at all. But was cooperative for three. To call partner you need special items, but in General it is convenient, fun, facilitates the passage. To communicate allowed by the learned single gestures.

Instead of the ubiquitous intrusion of the bloody graves of players and NPCs. Written who’s in there and how he died. Any such phantom takes on the challenge to a duel as a mini-boss.

In may the competitive modes of 1×1 and 2×2. In the second embodiment, it is possible to raise an ally and use him different tactics. Many players complain about the lack of a “dojo mode” with the basic balance, which would solve only a skill, not pumping.

Victory in PvP and over the phantoms give you points for trading in the teahouse. The most delicious in the stock — change of appearance. There is a possibility to become even Okatsu and tame, very high cost.

Small miscalculations

After a detailed story should sum up the negative side of the gameplay Nioh. About positive I have said and in the next section praise. What we have: horrible locations where you won’t see anything, the dominance of uniformity, randomness and farm, the paucity of content and high demands on time and skill of the player.

Consumable items remain unnecessarily. Falls lot of the same stuff with random parameters. The management stuff is long and uncomfortable. Walk straight through the interface scary. I want to sell the thing you put on: if you exit the crafting menu, get in gear to take off, then… Oh, I better not sell.

Surprise little obvious flaws. For example, why during the grey screen of death is not visible boss health? We’re focused on the fight, and now is clearly the time to assess progress.

The mechanics of the loss of Amrita completely broken. Just hit alt+f4 during the grey screen of death, and you will not lose Amrita, if not ran to his spirit. That is, the game will resume from the previous AutoSave. This chip I want to use, it saves a lot of time.

Thus, you can save and elixirs, and filled the scale of the guardian spirit. We were trying to get farm, you have to make tricks. Incidentally, in the forge save after each procedure, there is this trick will not work.

Who’s the boss?

The only thing that was amazing bosses. If they were backed by a more responsive control would be an outstanding work.

We must strive to empty the stock key antagonist in a continuous pace attack. This is the best strategy, if you become familiar with the pattern of movements. Not all bosses is the second phase. Usually improves a set of existing attacks somewhere at half health.

Fighting as adrenaline. Any mistakes blame yourself because you find that you could have done better. Good, time to think while running back. This is the only way to improve and to progress. Instructive.

Bosses-the people bad failed, and that’s a huge youkai — on the contrary. What is the opposite of a situation Dark Souls — there is Smoke and the other knights were the most worthy opponents. Team Ninja worked better abilities and thought over the course of the battle, while From Software has been mechanics of close combat.

Mythological creatures and famous samurai forced to suffer and be nervous. Especially in the first half of the game. And then another, and mocked, taking a pose after the death Andina.

You can, of course, to pump and to cope with less. I did a duel with Muneshige Talibani on the field. It seemed impossibly complicated at the first meeting, had to retreat.

Bosses are encouraged to kill in the second and third time. In the twilight tasks, for example. This copy of the story missions, but with a red toxic filter on the screen and increased complexity. It is worth saying that the bosses have new attacks. Even so.

For that I scolded DS, here reduced to a minimum. Nioh is much more difficult, and what is most striking is justified. Curved design — no! The effect of inspiration — Yes!

Here we take the boss Agricu. I spent 40 minutes, about 30 attempts were spent in vain attempts to hold out against her a little bit, to apply at least a couple of strokes. But there’s 10 seconds on the battlefield vanshot.

During these attempts, I realized that a simple blow is not necessary to doget in General, he does not close; the blow from the jump easier to roll under it; and stabbing a claw into the ground, you can block.

As soon as each strike was solved by the deaths of many ways, AgriCA fell from the first attempt. First, although the limit to this is to take away 20% HP!

It’s called, without exaggeration, a masterpiece game design. Suffering — hopelessness — Eureka — an incredible victory.

A curse or a blessing

Nioh will take your time off. And not giving new content at half the length. And when it ends, you will not get rewards. Fanned by a sense of triumph from the acquired skill and superiority, you will feel the back stretching into the fog grin.

The game will fade away, happy with what you spent thousands of identical corridors, eating precious time. Confused, robbed and seduced, while you resisted, not an imaginary threat. And thoughts will be void.

The result is a chic and bosses enveloping sense of thirst research. Price killed on monotonous content time. The game has no UPS and downs. It is the same all along. At each location. For each of the hundreds of hours. It’s depressing, like nothing else.

Interestingly, the press praised the samurai action game, but the players decided to abuse it, as a degraded clone. Not much to look at, the locations are poorly made, the shaky balance, the length is artificially stretched. Cool bosses worth it?

Nioh is hard — soon you’ll drop her. After 120 hours I can definitely say that the passing game does not deserve. The final appraisal is much more modest visible potential at the start, 7 points out of 10.

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