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Green post-apocalyptic Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Game Journey

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a action adventure from Ninja Theory, 2010 with post-apocalyptic setting, motion capture animation and Andy Serkis in the title role. And this is about as good as it sounds. The game tries to be Uncharted’ohms and is not shy about its borrowings. But the best thing she has, not the gameplay, and the setting of the story scenes.

The complication is that the spaceship of the robot slavers collapsed in new York. Survived hacerse Trip, accustomed to more or less safe existence behind the walls of the settlement, and the wild inhabitants of post-apocalyptic jungle Monkey, whose Trip takes a hostage, a slave wearing a tiara, with the aim to somehow get out of a dangerous position and to reach the family.

All this resulted in a long way, full of interesting situations. Lots of humor, lots of drama and some intriguing live footage of the modern world and face Serkis. Great animation doesn’t pull the blanket up, and gives the play scenes, the highlight — they are just fun to watch.

All the action is very intimate, even in the settlement of the protagonist are no survivors, so as not to disturb the idyll of privacy. Only 3 characters, but their dialogue and interaction is done perfectly. Good jokes, dangerous, rich adventures, exciting world, fast pace.

But I didn’t mention gameplay. He’s not all bad, there are even their ideas. You will have to climb in the style of Uncharted and Prince of Persia, and sometimes to fight in a simple slasher and watch a movie in between. Well, have a gameplay situation like a run on the bridge, hiding behind a riding vehicle. But they are few.

Techniques are also small, new enemies rarely slips, but still deliberately show in front of this big stage. The game generally consists of “arenas” for tumbling and fighting. At the sight of another square with shelters and scattered bonuses I want to roll my eyes and say “not again” — and you already know what will have to do for the next 5-10 minutes, without any surprises.

Interaction with the partner is made in the form of commands that can be given through a circular menu of some characters when using the tiara. It will be necessary to divert the fire, or to pull switches, to run somewhere, while the second character does his own thing. Trip bad climbs on steep walls, so favorite some gamedesign welcome here — to get to Monkey around all the location, opening for her the easy road of piled beams, stairs lowered or moved bridges. Well, just to drag and flip over the gap it will have often.

The robot bosses are mostly killed too just by satyavani stick. Especially disappointed with the dog, looking very dangerous and fast, but it turned out that it is necessary to stun the throwing stick and beat until it is. So a few times and the terrible lethal creation is defeated.

You can pump combat techniques (full pumping them become as much as it should be in the beginning), propelling charges, reserves and regeneration, shield. Does not need pumping, but diversity is encouraged.

Well does not match the intensity and quality of gameplay the adventure part. He was a bit old regime still on the game, and now does not excite. Diversity is not enough, from the setting do not squeeze out all you can. The same ride on the water on a floating disk is hilarious, but short, very closed maps. Thank God, all is not awful for the characters to suffer, to get involved and have fun.

Characters — the main local attraction. Pleases even the typical sidekick, Pigsy, which adds even more humour for a little tilted in the direction of the drama of the plot. They have no depth and not very much remembered, but so vividly act and communicate that just look nice.

The result is a great and still relevant play. A bit of Sunny adventure doing now, but on the PC even gameplay does not seem beaten and a good fit. 8 out of 10 from me, but like maybe not everyone — there will be a big surprise if after the prologue you will get bored and click on the tab for the next time to be lazy.

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