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Forgotton Anne is not trying to throw any games challenge. She wants to guide the player through their story, using simple gameplay techniques. If you want to listen to a story and jump on the roof — be sure to check out here.

On one of the video game exhibitions 2016 Studio ThroughLine Games with publisher support, Square Enix unveiled a quest Forgotton Anne. This genre forced something to hook your audience, not to be left unattended. In this case it is graphic design in a 2D perspective.

Character animation and rare videos drawn, though rudely, but very attractive. Reminiscent of European hand-animated cartoons of the previous decade. Then, as Anna adjusts her dress or shrinks Cams on the run, jumping Magnum into the cage, has an inexplicable charm.

The action takes place in a world of things about which forget people from our real world. Old TVs, shoes, mops and gramophones fall back and try to establish life in a new city. They can say and do the work.

The main character, whose name gives solernou name, plays the role of the so-called Enforcer. Observer with the right force. The special status endowed Anna toughness and directness in dealing with the lost things. They, in turn, see the Enforcer unshakable credibility.

Life in things is in full swing at the expense of substance “anima”, which is also the energy that feeds electricity to the city. Anna wears on the palm device that is able to absorb the anima and to redirect it. Take away the soul from unwanted — that’s frightening power.

The girl performed the tasks his mentor living in the tower, remembered the old days and sometimes investigated. To night, when the city was a blast. Some lost things fundamentally disagree with the life in the slums and rising above them the tower where sits the bearded tyrant named the Bonk.

There is an uprising against the regime. And this mode — You. Master the Bonk associated with Anna and demands to immediately investigate. Mission — to neutralize the leaders of lost things, who wanted freedom.

The setting is very interesting. Things have their problems, they ride on trains, sit in the bars, growling at each other. Everyone knows the Enforcer and goes on contact. Go and study it all very interesting. The story is burdened by certain moral dilemmas, and unexpected discoveries, but it takes setting. Only bad thing is that more than half of all locations are dark and expressionless.

The authors really want to tell. And the player is stuck or uvasol in point & clique n — not want. So we have here a new, fashionable type of gameplay. To control the characters move forward. Running across rooftops, streets and houses. Task — only to find the path and to remove obstacles.

Everything about the platforming, it was good. Unusual to see him in the quest. It adds the desired dynamics. At some point Anna gets steampunk wings. If anima is charged, they allow you to jump high.

Regularly have to solve puzzles with redirection anima in mechanisms of energy supply. Here they look like a relic. Slow down, look out of place, the same, in contrast to the plot situations. Complex no seats, except maybe the trains.

As the great and terrible Enforcer you can hard or soft to investigate burning in the city of rebellion. To spend the time to apply a diligent and smart approach or absorb the thing for any disobedience or suspicion of rebellion. This will be bad, but only slightly.

You can choose between the two replicas in the dialogues. It is advisable to go into every nook and cranny and interviewing all counter. There are small, optional tasks on the locations. For example, to identify the traitor on the station. When I passed the start, came across a lot of new dialogues and took a fair decision.

With animation, there are still problems. Not with her, and delays between actions. For example, you need to maintain a small spacing step, the disclosure of the wings and jump. Press the spacebar and the previous animation is still not completed. You do not want unnecessary pauses, so here and fall not just of the pressed button.

There are still small bugs and clumsy approach to implement some of the chips inherent in Indy. Good indie in this case. A small number of puzzles, constant movement, constant development of the plot and adding small goals. These sections, chases, a train stop, a quick change in Mr. Boxton not let slip in passing over.

Turned the quest in a new way. Catchy, with a dense story, the platforming is collection and application of items. On 7 out of ten. Gameplay, I agree, a little. So this is going to work. What exactly make you happy — the adventure of the lost Anna in a world that neither you nor she did not know.

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