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Brave Battle Saga Review

Simple retro-masterpiece beyond the popular hits.

Brave Battle Saga – great, fun game, if you forget that it came out in 1996, when 2 years have passed since Final Fantasy 6 and only a year remained until the seventh. But still, it’s almost the best game on the Sega Mega Drive. Colorful, diverse gameplay, in some respects closely approached the masterpieces that wanted to emulate.

ChuanPu Technology, also known outside of his native country under the name of the Jam Port, we managed to produce about seven games in the 95-96 years and was disbanded due to sunset on 16-bit systems and the increasingly popular 32-bit. That pleases, the staff, the small details that can be found on the company not going out of business, and developed games for the GBA under the name Vast Fame’s.

Especially for Asia, with no prospects to get outside, Jam Port company the game was released, the title of which the Chinese translated as The Space Warrior – The Magic Warrior. Will of the pirates, she fell into the CIS and acquired a proud name Final Fantasy. It worked, it gained popularity.

The main character Tim really wanted to win the competition at the festival held in his native village. The winner was awarded the title of hero of the village with honor and respect. But after fulfilling all victory conditions, he is faced with the great evil of this world – the cruelty and envy of the people, their lies and false justice. Banished from the village by his father, Tim gets to the nearby town, where strange events occur, and at night heard the screams from the basement of the mayor…

In fact, the story is bright, playful and naive, though not without a barely visible darkness (digging in the inner fears and sanguinary little fairies attached). A team of good friends will travel the world, visit the locations from the desert to snowy mountains and fight with hordes of evil and their masters, which will be discussed separately in some scenes. The plot by the standards of games on the Sega Mega Drive almost the best.

The location of the monsters, for the most part, the mazes where you have to find the right way among teleporters, elevators and doors, simultaneously “rocking out” on monsters. Often in these mazes you can find chests with interesting items, and even rare guards.brave battle saga scr 3

Battles take place according to the classic rules of Final Fantasy – waiting for his turn and attack in turn. There is magic, “summons”, various combat items and elements to use against certain monsters. To learn how to more effectively use the elements, you need to analyze the enemy’s special magic and experiment a little. Monotonous fights are not annoying. They always felt kind of goal. In addition, there is always a great opportunity to destroy the monsters.

Initially exhibited no turn-based combat. That is, even when the search regular spell menu is delayed, the enemy will not wait, and attack when he is filled with invisible scale line. You can, of course, to put a strict step-by-step mode, but then leave the tension in battle, the fear of every boss, focus and consistency of movements that comes with experience. The bosses here are different, evil, very strong. A lot of them, they are interesting, a battle with some take a lot of time and attempts.

Speaking of guardians. This is the strongest creatures you can summon in battle. They also fall under the system of interaction of the elements. Such custody or give the plot, or have to look for them in the labyrinths and hidden passages. It is a separate entertainment in the spirit of “collect them all”.

Tunes in the game do not get bored, but rather remembered. Not to bother for a dozen hours is a great achievement, available great games.

BBS whether parodied, whether wanted to be in many familiar games. Some of its elements exactly like those in Breath of Fire 2, Romancing Saga, Final Fantasy 6. However, the game is great and has its own face.

We can only be happy for us, received in his native language a real gift, the best RPG on the console. Recently, the Chinese ROM has been translated into English together with a better musical accompaniment. Now with a little masterpiece you can see in full.

On the Sega Mega Drive it was the most expensive and the best RPG. The delight and pain of our childhood.

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